The 3 LinkedIn Secrets No One is Willing to Share - Except For Me!

Learn The 3 Secrets to Doubling Your Income in 18 Months Leveraging Trust Building on LinkedIn in 25 Minutes a Day. 

Accelerate Your Trust & Increase Your Referability While Becoming The Trusted Authority in Your Niche!

Are you making at least $57,000 a year directly from your LinkedIn efforts? If no...then you're in the right place!


Stay to The End & Gain These Exclusive Bonuses

At the end of the 55 minute webinar we have free gifts for you & will answer your questions


Social Media Posting Formula

Have you ever wondered what the perfect ratio to personal, business and motivational posts should be?  Wondering why you have low engagement on your posts and wish they went more viral?


40 Ultimate High Converting Social Media Headlines

This is our most downloaded tool ever and will give you immediate attention grabbing headlines you can use online, offline, in an elevator pitch or even talking to your Grandma!

End The Cash Flow Roller Coaster & Speed Up Your Client Acquisition

Business not coming to you quick enough? Clients not referring you often enough? Average sales size too small?

Outcome #1 - How to: Get Immediate Buy-in From New Connections

Outcome #2 - How to: Monetize LinkedIn for New Income

Outcome #3 - Learn The: Proven Method to Convert Engagement & Get Appointments

Mark Went From Zero, to 3-4 Calls Per Week

"This is potenitally the greatest investment I've made in my business" - Mark, Advisor

Learn The 3 Point Strategy!

The 3 Point Strategy to Automate Your Prospecting: 

  • Step 1: Accelerate Your Trust-Building
  • Step 2: Attract A Profitable Niche Market
  • Step 3: Convert Connections Into Dream Clients Who Refer
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Meet Your Trainer

Business Acceleration Coach

Ty Hoffman, FMA CHC

Hey, I have been advising sales professionals for over 17 years. As a Qualified Trust Partner with Reina, a trust-building consultancy, I bring you a competitive edge. With the same training I am sharing with you, I was able to take my income from $85K to $212,000 and recruit 107 Advisors. Later I went on to sell the practice to a private equity firm for 3x earnings.  You can too! Since 2016 - I have been helping Solopreneurs and Professionals like you, from around the world make LinkedIn work for them.

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